Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thankstaking Day

Today is Thankstaking day in Krampusverse. This is when the Krampus practices his taking of your children that are barkingly bad all year. Which is probably most of them, I'm sure. Don't worry, the children that are depicted in the sketch are practice dummies.
At my age of 37 I'd rather receive a visit from a skinny, hairy creature with horns than an obese, white-haired, overgrown child who smells like milk and baked goods. I hope I haven't offended. This is, after all, a pro-krampus site.
That said, in celebration of Black Friday tomorrow, I am selling Krampus Kards with a 30% discount from now until midnight tomorrow. So, hopefully, I will continue the Thanksgiving by taking your money. Happy Thankstaking Day!
Be good for goodness sake.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

more Krampus by others

Another very splendid Krampus illustrator is Melita 'Miss Monster' Curphy. I really love how she designs her krampus cards. Even with her modern character design style I think these could have fit in nicely in the old world. I missed out on this print because I see that it is sold out now. I hope she prints more. lots more.
The Gruss vom Krampus! at the bottom means "Greetings from Krampus". Something that was commonly written on most holiday cards that depicted the krampus (also written on the old postcards was Krampuslauf, which roughly translates to "march of the krampus"). You can find more of Miss Monster's work at her website