Thursday, December 11, 2008

Krampus Kard series 2 EXPOSED!

Here is the series 2 of Krampus Kards. If you buy a pack of series 1 by clicking the link to the right (the one that says, you will get an added FREE single series 2 including envelope. Limit one per customer. All this for your nefarious pleasure.

to recap: buy on package of Krampus Kards, get a single of the new kard with your order.

This offer lasts from now until the 20th of December. After Xmas, the full series 2 will go on sale as well. complicated? I didn't think so.

Grus vom Krampus und Nikolaus

top "Krampus and Nikolaus pull through the city! Sore that, that did evil!"
bottom "Grus of the Krampus and Nikolaus"

This particular postcard is either from Austria or Germany. I translated it using so if there is someone that knows better, please feel free to inform me.

The artist signature on the bottom right says G. Milan.

This entry shows a more obvious tone that Nikolaus worked together with Krampus rather than the two being enemies. Directing me in my theory about the origin in reverse concerning the Americanization of Krampus that I believe exists here today but we know of it in different manifestations. More to come on this topic in a later entry. Stay tuned.

and be good

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


These are 3 Krampuses lined up for a future postcard. I illustrated these guys and colored them from a sketch and found i liked the style better with less color. (from L to R: Cute Krampus, Tallman Krampus, Body Krampus). Time will tell when and if these guys will see print. I am currently thinking about a female krampus for next year. Could be fun. I'm thinking about approaching it in a pinup girl style and then as a villainous Loki style (from the current Thor funny books from Marvel). we'll see.