Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Komic Book Krampus 1: THE BAT[krampus]MAN

I was sketching late last night after viewing The Daily Batman which helped me remember that I've been meaning to start a project here that cross-pollinates the Krampus theme with one of my favorite past-times, comic book superheroes. So, I wandered into it and here is my first entry. The Batman as Krampus.
The entries will not be limited to any particular company and will cover all comic books–not only meta-humans (not that Batman is a 'meta-human' –geekcheck). I am also open to requests if anyone wants to chime in on seeing their favorite comic character krampusized. If so, I will be posting a new one weekly (every Wednesday) from now until December 30th.
Make Mine Krampus!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hey kids! T-shirt!

By the way, the latest Krampus postkard design, by yours truly, has been offered up as a fashion design. Gritty t-shirts with Krampus on your chest shows the world that you are well read in the ways of Germanic folklore done up in the NOW. I dare you to be good! Go here: Krampus Klothes or click on the image, mein freund.