Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Krampus Pinup (of sorts)

And here it is. A Krampus sketched in a pinup-style. Just in time for Christmas! I was going to go all sweet and saucy but I decided to make her look hard and raunchy. After all, the mythical character that delivers discipline should look the part.
I wanted to color it but tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I have a kramp-load of family visiting so I should get back to whatever it is families do (I still haven't figured that out). I hope you enjoy her in all her penciled badness.
Also, her name is Kate and she loves to hate.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This lovely piece of obscurity came directly from Austria. It is my most unusual (and most recently acquired) krampus postcard in my collection because it depicts the characters as children dressed up as St. Nikolaus and Krampus. I love how the krampus is a little girl and she has an innocent look on her face and nikolaus looks sort of bewildered with other children acting strange as well. A very splendid card altogether, I think.
Note that the sender of the postcard personalized the front by writing "and Nikolaus" after the "Greetings from Krampus!" line.
The postmark on the reverse side tells me that it was sent in November of 1929.
I think the artist did a splendid job on this delightful illustration of one of my favorite mythical characters. Mergy Krampus, everyone!