Thursday, December 31, 2009

Special New Years Sale Blowhard!

In addition to posting the NEW Krampus postkard in my Etsy shop, I have just placed the previous krampus kards (greeting cards only) on a 50% markdown for the first week in January (starting January 1st)!
So, to get ready for next year's festivities you can buy 10 krampus kards for the funbelievable price of $9.99US*! Just don't forget to dust them off when it gets closer the krampusing season. You don't want the friends and families to sneeze on the matte finish. Or maybe you do, you strange human being.
Happy New Year, sons and daughters!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Babykrampus New Year 2010

Here's a New Year's wish to you from the Krampus Kard blog. I wish you the happiest while St. Niklaus turns his back on you for a full year! It's a dickmove, Nik. Really. You're the epitome of a deadbeat dad.
Although, the posting frequency will be less, I assure you there will be some fun Krampus news in 2010. Stay tuned and raise a glass, folks–then bring it down upon the hardwood floor!•

It's what the Krampus would do.