Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I like your style.

This is one of my favorite designs that is actually one of the most surreal of the Krampus postcards that I own. I love the gingerbread looking Krampus with bites on his feet from rats. And the smoke/clouds in the background bring such an ominous tone to the entire thing. I think what I like most about it is the simple approach which seems to have more style than any postcard of this type. I have a couple more that I will show by this artist.
I have also designed a new one inspired by this image that I am in debate with my wife about. More to come on that.
I am not sure where this originates from but the artist did sign or stamp his/her work with a cool signature. not sure what it says or stands for. It's in the right side of the banner in this scan if you can see it.