Friday, October 31, 2008


This old postcard has no information on it. Just a Czechoslovakian comment on the front and a JKO trademark on the back. My wife found this on the internet. I'm still researching as I go. If anyone has information please feel free to comment. thanks.

oh, and BOO!


  1. Pozdrav od certa... I believe this is in Czech.

    Pozdrav means "greetings" or "salutations", and according to a vistor to Restaurace U Certa in Prague, "certa" means devil. The gentleman was nice enough to take a picture next to the life-sized demon at the restaurant's doorway, which can be viewed

    So, I guess the translation would be "Greetings from the Devil!"


  2. very cool, croc! nice to have the translation. Thanks. I should be posting more old postcards soon.

    Addendum: when I mentioned my wife found it on the internet I meant she bought it from some auction site…on the internet. I scanned the card.